Who I AM...

I started to fly in 1982 at the Diest Aero Club in Belgium.

When in 1989, I completed my University degree as engineer, I moved to the French part of Belgium where I flew in Temploux (close to the city of Namur) as member of the CEVV (Cercle Européen de Vol à Voile).

In 1995, I went to Saint Hubert where our Belgian National Glider Center is located.

Since 2001, I am flying at the Royal Verviers Aviation club close to the German border. From this last location, we are escaping the Belgian controlled airspace toward Germany where there is more room available for our gliding activities.

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about this SITE

Initially, my first site was dedicated to fly with a Nimbus 3T. 
I flew with it during several years.

In June 2006, I sold it for buying an ASH26-E glider. This last glider has the capacity to perform self-launch take off.

In parallel, I bought also a Blanik L13 with a friend of mine in order to fly with my children or with good friends.

I updated my old internet site in order  to dedicate it to the various gliders I flew with and the locations where I did perform fantastic flights.

Bruno Maes


Most of the pictures are available in high definition format. Would you like to buy one of those, feel free to contact me.